Getting to the Resort Village of Big Shell (from Saskatoon)

Resort Village of

Getting Around the Resort Village of Big Shell
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Big Shell

  • Take Highway 12 North, past Martensville, to Blaine Lake.
  • At Blaine Lake, cross Highway 40, staying on Highway 12 going through Blaine Lake and North towards the town of Shell Lake.
  • Go about 50 km.
  • There's a green road sign that says "Resort Village of Big Shell" with an arrow to the left (West).  There's another green sign that says "Aspen Ridge Estates".  The signs are across from a farm that is on the West side of the highway and the South side of the grid road.  If there's no farm and the sign says "Echo Bay", you've gone too far North - you can't get here from there, so you'll have to go back.
  • Turn left (West) on the grid road.
  • Go about 5 km.
  • Sign on right (North) of grid marks the entrance to the Resort Village of Big Shell.
  • Turn right (North) into the Resort Village.  You're now on Loon Drive.
  • For GPS users, the coordinates of the RVBS Community Centre are:

            - 53.19857 N

            - 107.13755 W​