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With all the recent break ins in the village, council is urging property owners to lock up processions, close blinds, keep stuff out of sight.  Trail cameras, video cameras and security systems are also a great idea.  Door reinforcements as well.  We can't say this will stop what's going on lately but it sure can't hurt.  We are also talking with the local RCMP to see if they can help us out.

If you see anything suspicious, please call the RCMP.

The Resort Village of Big Shell is an incorporated village.  The roads are streets and as such, traffic cannot be impeded through gate or chains.

RV Council 

Garbage & Recycling

It is very important that the Blue Garbage Bins are only used for bagged household garbage. Leaves and other yard waste can be taken to the village leaf and tree compost area. The garbage waste program is one of the largest costs that the village has and ensuring that leaves and trees are disposed of correctly will help ensure that the garbage costs remain as low as possible.


There will be an election this year.  Mayor and 4 council positions are up.  Will be asking for nomination forms to be filled out in June.

There is a storage lot available for purchase, asking price is $14,000 plus GST.

Please note the: Onsite Wastewater Systems in Resort Villages and Organized Hamlets

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Welcome to the Resort Village of Big Shell, the place for fun, family and friends.

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